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Southern Drains and Water looks after the drainage systems for Kent, Sussex and Hampshire.

Your waste water and drainage is something that while unpleasant to look after, is something that needs maintenance. We are available for assistance 24 hours a day 7 days a week, with our engineers in service for when the need arises.

How do you know when your drains need servicing?

If you notice water backing up in various parts of your home, like gurgling in the toilets when you flush them or standing water in sinks, bathtubs or showers. If water is backing up this is a sign drain need to be cleaned.

If you notice a particularly unpleasant smell of sewage, then this is a sign your drains need a service. If your drains become blocked, all the waste you flush or pour down the sink will build up and fester in the lines. In the warmer months this can build up rapidly and can become more than a nuisance. If you notice any smells from your drains, you must act immediately.

The build-up of waste, rubbish, or sewage in clogged pipes can quickly attract flies. Tiny fruit flies may seem like just an annoyance at first, but they can become a health risk when they discover your kitchen and food. If you notice fruit flies around your home, there is a good chance they have been attracted by the scent of a blocked drain.

If you hear noises coming from your drains, then perhaps it’s time to get your cleaning materials out or call us if they are worrying you. When drains are blocked, water tries to find its way through smaller gaps, and this is often accompanied by gurgling or bubbling sounds.

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