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Drain relining is an efficient alternative to traditional drain repairs or replacements. It’s a non-intrusive and Cost-Effective solution to fixing damaged drains or leaking pipework without having to dig and cause unnecessary disruption.

The method for relining drains involves the installation of a drain lining system which bonds to the inside of the pipe by running a flexible liner through the drain that has previously been impregnated with resin. The resin is then moulded to the pipe using an air bag to shape the lining to internal walls, winched in, or forced into place using water pressure.

CCTV drain inspection camera technology is the fastest, and therefore most cost-effective way of inspecting drains, sewers and pipelines in detail with little to no disruption or inconvenience.

The clear camera images are used in creating complete reports for residential, commercial and infrastructural drainage systems. All the footage that the camera collects is sent back to an observation screen, where our engineer can monitor the direction of the equipment and pick up on any immediate defects. This imagery can be viewed in real time so that you can also see for yourself, where blockages have arisen, or any cracks or displacements are found in the pipework.

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